Who is SigmaPoint?

SigmaPoint Technologies Inc. is an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on developing long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. SigmaPoint provides end-to-end assembly services for highly complex electronic products within Computer, Telecommunications, Medical, Defense, Industrial, Alternative Energy and Transportation markets. Our mission is to create great partnerships founded on trust, respect and innovation.

Through our passion and unparalleled commitment to operational excellence we have achieved World Class Lean Six Sigma distinction. At SigmaPoint, we are constantly innovating and focused on improving our clients’ value stream. It is in our DNA!

Industry Expertise

At SigmaPoint, we understand that each industry has its own set of unique attributes. We have significant experience and carefully tailored programs and focus in the following markets.

  • Computer and embedded systems
  • Telecom RF
  • Medical instruments
  • Homeland security and defense
  • Industrial controls and alternative energy
  • Transportation


Developing strong relationships with our key partners has been our strength in the industry. Our open book manufacturing strategy helps lay the foundation for a trusting relationship with our OEM and Supplier partners.


Engaging a passionate workforce is a key element of our success at SigmaPoint. A passionate workforce directly affects the health of our bottom line and aids in creating a positive and vibrant culture.


We are continuously working to find new and innovative solutions to assist our partners in reducing their time to market.


Our carefully sequenced actions lead to predictable results and sustainable positive impact on the bottom line for our customer partners.

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