About us

We are a Canadian Electronic Manufacturing Service

SigmaPoint is deeply committed to our customers

Mastered value-stream mapping, the process through which company specialists analyze and redesign entire production streams to make them as efficient as possible.

300 dedicated & resourceful employees, rewarded for their contribution to the company’s efficiencies.

World Class Lean Six Sigma distinction.

Unique Continuous Improvement Culture.



Developing strong relationships with key partners is one of our strongest qualities. Our open book entreprise strategy helps lay the foundation for trusting relationships.


Hard Work

We work hard every day to make your experience effortless. Our staff is made up of scientific-thinking people that are always up for a challenge.


Lean management

As experts in lean management, we know a thing or two about solving problems. Our carefully sequenced actions lead to predictable results and a positive impact


smart engineering

Smart engineering requires creativity. We continually suggest new ways to improve.


Our executive team has world class experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of electronic circuit card assemblies. Yet, our curiosity never stops.