Demand Driven

Get some rest… Rely on our demand powered approach.

Balancing supply and demand is at the heart of every Demand Operation and Supply Chain; it establishes the rhythm, velocity and value by which a company builds its marketplace competitiveness. In a dynamic and fast paced environment, companies need instant answers, and SigmaPoint is uniquely built to deliver a robust and powerful solution.

SigmaPoint can integrate information and capabilities, which allow for the coordination of one holistic vision for a company’s enterprise operations encompassing Supply Chain and Op’s streams such as:

  • Materials Management and Distribution
  • Supply Continuity
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Execution on Demand

Through certain tools that Sigmapoint possesses, such as Kinaxis RapidResponse, combined with our ability to quickly identify Supply Chain disruptions, we can manage recovery and invoke process re-engineering and modeling, giving the customer the confidence and competitiveness they need to be successful in an increasingly complex and volatile marketplace.