SigmaPoint…The paradigm shift

Offshore manufacturing might seem extremely affordable at first glance. But when you consider shipping, minimum order quantity and storage, your expenses begin to creep up. Reshoring is the painless way to reduce the total cost of products and improve balance sheets. It’s also much more efficient in driving product innovation. Just ask any of the players who are changing the game. Save yourself the offshoring headache.

There are many reasons for North American OEMS and Startups to reevaluate offshoring and consider reshoring. Our customers are increasingly recognizing that costs and risks previously ignored are large enough to overcome the low cost country wage advantage. They are seeing the benefits of proximity, i.e. producing in the market.

At SigmaPoint we help our customers identify the top benefits of reshoring in Cornwall. We will put the business case together that will demonstrate that our operational excellence will result in similar pricing as low cost country and increased flexibility.

Here are some reshoring attributes:

  • Lead time
  • Higher product quality and consistency
  • Freight costs – Air, boat
  • Lower inventory levels, faster turnarounds
  • Better responsiveness to change management
  • Minimal intellectual property and regulatory compliance risks
  • Improved innovation and product differentiation
  • Local tax incentives (Duty or others)
  • Cost of Money